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The single source of truth for capital markets that drives operational efficiency and accuracy.

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Lower risk, better insights

See what's coming so you can operate proactively.

Move fast, eliminate errors

Get rid of busy work, move fast and focus on the highest value work.

Lower cost,
automate workflows

Automate tasks and workflows that used to require engineering support.

Improve scalability,
streamline operations

Easy to use platform that sets modern digital lenders up to scale smoothly.

Made for Modern Digital
Lender use cases

HighFi enables modern digital lenders to handle high value use cases that improve efficiency, reduce costs and boost financial performance.

Automate Operations
Improve Financial Performance
Eliminate Engineering Support
See Problems Before They Occur
Better Manage your Facility

Made for Modern Digital
Lender use cases

HighFi enables modern digital lenders to handle high value use cases that improve efficiency, reduce costs and boost financial performance.

Automate Operations

Save hours by automating common repetitive tasks and workflows, Build custom workflows to further automate your operations, Reduce time, effort and cost for your operations and development teams.

Improve Financial Performance

Continuous monitoring and proactive alerts enable modern digital lenders to optimize their financial performance. Leverage insights for how to improve your financial performance. Harness the power of realtime data intelligence customized for your needs.

Eliminate Engineering Support

Eliminate the countless hours and cost of your engineering team prepping your data and reports. Integrate HighFi into your workflows and tools and we ensure your data is always realtime current and complete. Empower your engineering team to use HighFi's API to build custom workflows to further reduce their workload.

See Problems Before They Occur

See problems before they occur and identify leading indicators for your portfolio and facility. Operate proactively with realtime alerts, insights and continuous monitoring. Identify risk mitigation approaches before you need them.

Better Manage your Facility

Gain deep insights, trends and optimization opportunities for your facility. Predictive insights based upon current and past data enable constant performance improvements. Forecasting and scenario planning enables teams to see around corners and operate proactively.

Automate Debt Capital

Covenant Management

Easily ensure that you're following all of the financial covenants in your debt capital agreement

Portfolio Monitoring

Real time monitoring of all mission critical KPIs at the asset level in accordance with your credit agreement

Financial Reporting

Automated regular reporting for
 draws, reinvestments and specified monthly reporting

A powerful platform for modern digital lenders, built for scale

Built for modern digital lenders

Monitor KPIs in Real Time

Monitor the performance of your portfolio and facilities in real time.

Predictive Analytics

Optimize asset allocation across facilities with powerful forecasting and scenario planning.

Automate Workflows

On-demand reporting with immutable accuracy across all workflows.

Fully Integrated

Integrates with all of your data sources and loan tape through an API-first solution ensuring complete and accurate data.

Automate Debt Capital Compliance

Set and forget automated tools that take the work out of debt capital compliance.

Exceptional Support

Powerful software with expert support.

Built to power complex
lending operations

Built for finance teams, loved by developers

With our API first solution you can get started in less than a day

Powered by Generative AI

Instantly digitize and approve changes to your credit agreement and onboard new facilities

Exceptional support

Capital markets experts to answer questions and support your needs

Beyond Easy to Use

We've made it fast and easy to get set up and learn to use HighFi

Share your Loan Tape

Provide loan data through CSV, Data Warehouse, LMS or internal APIs

Meaningful Visualizations

HighFi dashboards visualize your asset and facility level compliance metrics

On Demand Reporting

On demand reporting, will streamline operations and reduce your costs

"Always-on" Risk Monitoring

Proactively manage portfolio risks and stay in control

Security is built-in



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